How to make Dino Jump Game in Scratch

Pranav Arora
Apr 2, 2021


Scratch is a visual Programming language. We can make various games and cartoon animations. So lets see how we can make a Dino jump game in scratch.

Dino Jump Game
Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

Steps to make Dino Jump Game

  1. Go to Scratch website.
  2. Create a new project.
  3. Choose a backdrop — Night City with Streets
  4. Choose a sprite — Dinosaur4
  5. Choose another Sprite — Fireball
  6. Add this coding in your Dinosaur4 Sprite
Dinosaur4 Scratch Coding

7. Add this code in your Fireball Sprite.

Fireball Scratch Coding

8. Change the Fireball Costume by selecting the fire element in Dragon-c Sprite.

Taking fire element from Dragon-c Sprite

9. Add this code to your Fireball2 Sprite.

Fireball2 Scratch Coding

Run the Game and enjoy!!!

You can view my project on my Scratch Profile



Pranav Arora